Disaster Preparedness – Step 3

May 21, 2008 at 10:53 pm Leave a comment

If you have been following along in this series you should have an idea of where you are vulnerable at your site, know where your basic infrastructure is and have both of these items documented.

Congratulations, you are well on your way to having a basic plan in place!

What is would recommend next is setting up the organization for the command and control pieces of your plan for the an emergency. This breaks down into several parts. First you will need to determine who is in immediate control at each site and determine what authority that person will have for the duration of an emergency. this is important because you don’t want this person to hesitate in these types of situations. Hesitation will often cost you a great deal of time and money later.

Next determine who in your organization is responsible for giving out information to the media, vendors, clients and customers. You will want a unified voice giving out information at a time of an emergency so that no false impressions are given, and most importantly no mixed or incorrect messages get out.

Lastly you want to detail a basic reporting structure for the first responders to the public information spokesperson and to upper management.

The reporting structure should consist of check lists itemizing those items that are considered important to restoring function to the site, damage estimates, estimated downtime etc. I would also suggest at this point that you do a little web searching for “disaster recovery plans” and look over the many that are resident on the web for the many public agencies, schools and other public buildings and then adapt one of the plans that is closest to fitting your situation.

For the organization that I work for we adapted a plan put together by the Mass. Institute of Technology.
I am not including any links for these plans as I don’ want to circumscribe your search.

Good luck and I would appreciate any thoughts, questions or feedback on this topic you might have. Please forward any concerns, questions or suggestions for future posts to: askthefm@gmail.com

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