Mold Remediation – Part 2 Testing and the action plan

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Well if you have done what I suggested in my first post: (

You have a basic understanding of the problem you face and you have some idea of the extent of the areas affected. The next step is the development of an action plan and some of these steps may be deleted depending on the severity of the situation.

1. Document the suspected areas, with pictures, diagrams and a written report.

2. Discuss the options with your superiors and human resources. Remember that this situation has potential liability on the part of your company and that if employees are involved then it also becomes a workman’s compensation issue.

3. The next step I recommend is for a reputable testing lab to conduct tests for airborne levels of what is in the local environment. This testing will allow the industrial hygienist to develop a scope of work for your site.

4. Depending upon the severity of the findings you may need to activate your relocation part of your disaster plan. You do have a disaster plan don’t you?

5. Hire a remediation firm to complete the demolition of the affected areas. They will also clean and encapsulate the same areas as part of the remediation process.

6. Retest the space to make sure the remediation was completed properly. (VERY IMPORTANT!)

7. Hire a general contractor to put the space back the way it was and to repair any water leaks, bad roof areas etc. This part can also be potentially handled by the remediation contractor however I generally like to separate the tasks as I have found the fit and finish of the remediation firms is sometimes a little poor.

In my next post on this subject I will include a few pointers about testing labs, remediation firms and the importance of that second test.

As always thank you for your time and I hope you come back again tomorrow. I appreciate your comments and suggestions. Please direct and suggestion for future posts or questions to:

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