Solar Power wave is coming….

June 3, 2008 at 7:55 pm 1 comment

I have written some about the recent improvements in solar power technology but the real exciting news hiding behind all of these announcements is that very soon the supply problem with silicone is going to get much better. The article on Fox Business News is just an example:

“BSI and CSI have together achieved certain milestones with respect to delivery, consistency and quality of BSI’s solar grade silicon. CSI is expected to purchase up to 5,000 metric tons of solar grade silicon through 2011 at a price substantially less than the current contract prices for polysilicon. BSI has delivered 16 metric tons of solar grade silicon in 2007 and expects to deliver 450-500 metric tons to CSI in 2008.

Dr. Shawn Qu, Chairman and CEO of CSI commented: “BSI is a leading silicon producer and we are pleased to have collaborated with them on solar grade silicon since early 2007. In making this announcement we have together achieved a technical landmark in the PV industry.”

The full article can be found here:

This is only the tip fo the iceberg as other large companies like Dow Chemical become interested and partner with other more pioneering companies as mentioned here:

This is where the smaller company get the financing it needs to ramp up production and really get this party started. Global Solar specializes in making CIGS on a flexible substrate perfect for solar roofing tiles and the like. This type of application will be well suited for the home and small business application.

I mentioned this in another post but it bears repeating here about IBM developing solar technology designed for large power farms and that they are already showing proof of possible efficiencies that compare very well to conventional power generation methods. The press release can be found here:

Lastly there is a story on about the zero footprint city being developed in Abu Dhabi at a cost of 22 billion dollars. As a part of this project they are setting up 2 billion thin film solar manufacturing to make the solar panels for this city.

This level of manufacturing capacity will very soon make itself felt in the cost to purchase solar panels and other generation equipment hopefully bringing it down where it will be affordable everywhere.

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