Prefabricated Buildings – the coming thing or just ugly?

June 16, 2008 at 10:38 pm 2 comments

I have looked at prefabricated buildings over the years and I have always found them severely wanting in just about every category except speed to complete. Now on today I read a post on an ecologically correct prefab structure!

Excerpt from post: Two years ago, the American Institute of Architects put up a challenge: design a house in which a US Fish and Wildlife Service Ecologist in Residence could live and conduct research. Challenge met. Many unique ideas were put forward and three designs took away awards. Two are very…unique…as innovative prefabs tend to be, and so I liked the third the best because it has the eco-technology without losing the home-sweet-home feeling. (complete article:

Truly a very interesting set of designs! Now with this inspiration I went searching and found many different vendors of timber framed prefab buildings. Everything from Yankee Barn Homes:

To prefab home exporters from China:

And finally, to companies who offer everything from standard residential building to multi-family buildings to your prefabricated mansion!

In my experience prefab or modular buildings aren’t any cheaper than standard construction except that you can get things built faster. Also you should be wary and check out any firm that you are considering very thoroughly as they aren’t all created equal. Another thing to check out is how such construction is viewed by the local city you will be placing it in. While they can’t say no, they can make it more difficult unless you are upfront about your intentions. Also the city may have recommendations that will make your quest much easier overall.

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