Unusual Green Building Materials

July 28, 2008 at 9:55 pm 2 comments

Tonight I have been looking for what’s new in green building materials and I have a small collection for you!

First is eLumber made from recycled printer ink and toner cartridges brough to you bu Lexmark.  A very interesting concept but not structurally useful.  The material is not strong enough for structural me,bers in a building and according to the articles I read is best used as part of your landscape design.

From GoodCleanTech.com (http://www.goodcleantech.com/2008/07/lexmark_turns_ink_cartridges_i.php)

“What happens to those ink cartridges you recycle? Cartridges are most often either remanufactured or recycled through organizations such as Close the Loop, depending on cartridge condition of course. Used materials are recycled in many different ways, but until just now, I’d never heard of reusing ink tanks as a building material.

According to Lexmark, “the durable wood substitute is approved for landscaping and non-structural use in the U.S. and is already being incorporated into landscaping efforts. For years, Lexmark has worked with Habitat for Humanity to give back to local communities. However this year marks a big first for the company as eLumber is now being used to beautify the landscape of a Lexington, Kentucky area neighborhood.” Neat!”

The next in our unusual line up tonight is furniture created using the sheet metal from wrecked cars. This seemed at first to me a little bizarre but the works are actually quite striking and certainly adhere to the recycled formula.  From the Greenupgrader.com website (http://greenupgrader.com/2925/from-car-to-table-repurposed-sheet-metal/#more-2925)

“The Elsie Series by Nine Stories Furniture uses reclaimed sheet metal from expired autos. Nine Stories sift through “the vast landscape of the American salvage yard to collect textures and colors that only years of sun and rain can create.” The particular weathering and stress patterns that the material has accumulated over the years is carefully considered during the composition of each piece. The roof and body panel sheet metal sections are left with their original finish to add character and originality to each table. Not only are the top table panels made from the beaten car metal but other features are as well. The legs are cut and bent in the studio from the same source metal using their specially made jigs. With their shop located in the Brooklyn Navel Yard, Nine Stories Furniture brings alot of flavor, history, and swag to their work. The Elsie line is comprised of 70% reclaimed materials with the “best pieces” coming from the roofs of cars.”

Next on our hit parade is an office building lit entirely with LED lighting!  Apparently this is a first, surprisingly enough as it seems an obvious step to me.  Brought to us by Metaefficient.com (http://www.metaefficient.com/leds/office-building-lit-with-100-led-light.html)

Lastly a piece of technology that while small has been a long time coming, a toilet seat that easily detaches for cleaning. From the Cool Tools section the Kevin Kelly Blog (http://www.kk.org/cooltools/archives/002949.php)

“This toilet seat’s plastic hinges are equipped with seat anchors that allow the seat to be removed for toilet cleaning. A simple twist of two locking knobs and the seat lifts off; reversing the procedure re-locks the seat. It makes an awkward job very simple.

My toilet is so much easier to clean completely. The area around the hinges is much cleaner due to easier access. Still one of the best ideas for the bathroom I’ve ever seen. There are various colors and incarnations on Amazon that cost more than $30. I purchased the cheapest basic style at the local Home Depot for less than $12.”

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  • […] Tonight I have been looking for what=92s new in green building mater= ials and I have a small collection for you! First is eLumber made from recy= cled printer ink and toner cartridges brough to you bu Lexmark. A very inte= resting concept but …Posted from By askthefm […]

  • 2. Rachael  |  July 29, 2008 at 11:06 am

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