New Building Technologies for August 2008

August 3, 2008 at 8:45 pm 1 comment

I have run across three new technologies for use in your home or office building. They represent advances and if used would definitely make your environment a better place.

First up tonight is a concept product that is one I would certainly petition my city to adopt. It is a finalist for the ISDA awards ( and attempts to make your street lights less noticeable by using the trees lining the street to support them.

The concept looks to use LED lighting and photovoltaic to recharge on board batteries.  Pretty neat concept!

Next we have a paint product debuting this week that claims it is the safest “eco” paint around.  There is a great review on Inhabitat (, however the listed price is a Little steep for a gallon of paint at $35.  In my experience you almost always should be cleaning and priming the walls of a space to get the best result and I have yet to see an equivalent primer product. This would seem to negate one of the greatest benefits of this product that of the smell common to painting.

Lastly tonight we have a product for the office building in you responsibility.  A company called Field Diagnostic Services Inc. has come up with a product that constantly monitors your HVAC systems and provides alarms and alerts that can help you prevent catastrophic failure as well as opportunities for efficiency savings. (

This product also got a very large endorsement by way of a large investment by Bank of America as part of its promise to reduce the carbon footprint of its operations as well as a general investment in green technology.  Also the bank plans to use the technology across all of its operations. From

The latest is Bank of America, which has just announced an undisclosed investment in a tech company called Field Diagnostic Services Inc (FDSI). The bank plans to use the energy management tech across its banking centres in the US to cut energy costs and carbon footprint by 50 per cent more than what it calls “traditional service methods” – not cut its total energy costs and carbon footprint by 50 per cent, as some publications have mistakenly reported.” ( Also here is the home page of FDSI (

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