Using less and my utility rates go up?

August 5, 2008 at 9:36 pm Leave a comment

I just got a notice in the mail today from my local city utility explaining that because we as a city are using less water that they are now going to have raise our rates to make up for the lost income!

Now the real problem with this whole equation is that the city has us in a state of water emergency and has demanded that we conserve through various measures.Full list here:

Some of these include only watering on certain days, education programs explaining that most people over water their lawns and how much you could probably cut back safely, the handing out of low flow shower heads and toilets and the list goes on. A good set of suggestion can also be found here:

So because we are doing such a good job of using less water we are now about to be punished by having to pay more for what we do use.  I think that the incentives are supposed to work the other way around don’t you?

They make a two page long case about how their other costs are going up and how they are in a hiring freeze etc., but the reason they actually admit is that the main reason is due to the “impact of extraordinary ware conservation on revenue”.

I realize that I am ranting a little bit but this is something that most folks don’t account for when they are doing their analysis about the monies saved due to conservation. I live in the city of Long Beach, CA and my rates are going to go up 15.8% on October 1, 2008 because I and my fellow citizens have done what the city has asked us to do.  The full explanation can be found here:

I plan on going to the public hearing next month and doing a little complaining……

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