Ghost Towns – Past Present and Future?

September 1, 2008 at 8:37 pm 1 comment

One of the more amazing things you can visit is a so called ghost town.  These are really more properly called abandoned, but ghost sounds so much cooler.

In the first part of our tour we have a site featuring 5 real life ghost towns.  I have actually visited one of these listed as Bodie is a California State Park and as such is open to tourists.  Some of the others listed aren’t such as Jonestown, Guyana. (

Our next stop really isn’t an abandoned place, but it has such a neat story I had to include it.  It is called the Devil’s Bridge.


“Having been adequately convinced since childhood that the devil was safely locked away in the cracks of the footpath – or wherever – imagine our shock and horror when we discovered the horny beast has been hiding out in Italy the whole time.

Yes, it’s true… well, kind of. A Tuscan legend has it that during the construction of the Ponte del Diavolo, near Borgo a Mozzano, the sole stonemason building it was having a terrible time. He was convinced that he’d never be able to get the bridge finished by the set deadline, which would upset both the town’s folk and the local governor, not something highly recommended in medieval times as the consequences were often messy.

Devil's Bridge

Being a man true to his word and distraught at the idea of not completing the bridge on time, the builder became anxious and despondent, until one day, while he was looking at the unfinished bridge wondering how he was going to complete it in time the devil appeared to him in the form of a respectable businessman – as he does. The builder’s new scheming friend offered to help complete the bridge overnight but, in exchange for his handiwork he demanded the soul of the first person to cross the bridge. Reluctantly, the desperate builder agreed.”  The rest of the story as well as more pictures are here:

One of the more interesting items I found when researching this subject is a compendium of links about abandoned places in Flickr.  It has quite an extensive listing and can be found on Web Urbanist:

Lastly tonight is an article on about places throughout the world that are likely to become the ghost towns of the next century due to various reasons:

Excerpt: “Could some of the world’s cities disappear by 2100? It’s hard to predict, of course, but factors as diverse as global warming, industrial decay and aging populations mean that even as the global urban population continues to grow, some cities are facing possible extinction.”

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