Amazing Architecture – Interesting buildings from around the internet

October 22, 2008 at 9:57 pm 3 comments

Tonight I bring you a collection of buildings from posts all around the world, some amazing, some interesting or technologically advance and one just plain silly.

The most interesting and technology intense is the house that can move under its own power and it isn;t a recreational vehicle.

The story is here on ( and even has a video showing it in action!

Excerpt: “WALKING HOUSE is a modular dwelling system that enables persons to live a peaceful nomadic life, moving slowly through the landscape or cityscape with minimal impact on the environment. It collects energy from its surroundings using solar cells and small windmills. There is a system for collecting rain water and a system for solar heated hot water. A small greenhouse unit can be added to the basic living module, to provide a substantial part of the food needed by the Inhabitants. A composting toilet system allows sewage produced by the inhabitants to be disposed of. A small wood burning stove could be added to provide CO2 neutral heating.

Next we have the origami inspired Folding Bamboo House. (

These are primarily designed as temporary shelters and can be deployed in quite a variety of ways. In the actual post on they show diagrams with a few of the various configurations.

Excerpt: “Ming Tang came up with the idea for his Folding Houses after a magnitude 7.9 earthquake struck central China last May, killing 69,000 people. Upon learning that the Chinese government planned to create up to 1.5 million temporary homes, he decided to design a shelter that was easily produced, cheap and environmentally friendly. His geometric folding houses are beautiful, dynamic, and can adapt to respond to the needs of different situations.

The concept utilizes a system of bamboo poles that are pre-assembled into rigid geometric shapes. The geometry of these forms provides each structure’s integrity, allowing a range of lightweight modular structures to be quickly assembled in factories and transported to their destination. Once constructed, the shelters are then covered by using post and pre-consumer recycled paper.

Our third entry is Cellophane House!  No I am not kidding, this is truly a structure for those who don’t value privacy. The post on ( is nice but pretty short on details and I agree with their review about a big no for densely populated areas.

Excerpt: “No, we don’t think you might see any celebrities living in there any time soon, but this cellophane house is definitely made for common people who just have to show that they live a transparent, ecofriendly life. This house is an 1800 square-foot duplex, which has walls made of cellophane.

The house has two bedrooms, two bathrooms (which we hope are not made transparent), living and dining space, a roof terrace and a carport. This recyclable house derives power from solar panels mounted on the terrace and relies on solar heating for insulation.

The post from the designing architect’s is located here and has quite a few more details:

This picture is a view from a window in Burj, Dubai and is simply amazing to contemplate!

Lastly we have the simply silly coutesy of (

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  • 1. Sam Small  |  October 23, 2008 at 6:38 am

    Love the application of Structural Bamboo shown here. Ming Tang’s Folding Houses are a great and practical expression of what can be done with bamboo.

    There’s a slew of bamboo designs you can see at
    Its a Bamboo Design competition from 2007 that generated a broad range of designs, some 250 designs in 12 building categories submitted from 64 countries.

    The contest was sponsored by Bamboo Technologies who is the first to offer prefabricated building code certified hurricane and earthquake proof residential homes, resorts and commercial structures from their factory in Viet Nam, all built from Structural Bamboo. shows a variety of standardized and custom designs that are reasonably priced and fast to assemble anywhere in the world.

    Go Bamboo!!!

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  • 3. dwi  |  September 10, 2009 at 7:20 pm

    oh my GOD……amazing…..


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