California Clean Tech Open – Winners Awarded!

November 7, 2008 at 7:38 am Leave a comment

Last night in San Fransisco the awards were given out along with significant start up cash for a handful of companies who won awards for clean technologies.

The prize in each category includes $100,000 in cash and business services to help these winners get their technology to market. The website for the organization can be found here:

There is also a good write up of the event here including the news that the organization is expanding:


The 2008 winners, by category, included:

  • Air, Water & Waste: Over the Moon Diapers, maker of “high performance [ed.: high performance?], consumer friendly diapers” made of recycled fabric that can be laundered by diaper services. Runner up: Porifera, maker of a carbon nanotube membrane for reverse osmosis desalination.
  • Energy Efficiency: Viridis Earth, maker of a pre-evaporative device that the company says can lower an air conditioner’s energy requirements by 20 percent.
    At a retain price of $350 USD, the company claims it can pay for itself in a single summer. Runner up: NexChem, an energy saving process for zinc galvanizing.
  • Green Building: BottleStone, maker of a stone-like material made of 80 percent recycled waste glass. Intended for interior and exterior horizontal and vertical surfaces as a replacement for stone and cast concrete.
    Runners up: GroundSource Geo, a bundled geothermal heating cooling and hot water solution, and Solar Red, developers of a system to cut the cost of residential photovoltaic solar installations in half
  • Renewables: Focal Point Energy for its steam-based streteched membrane solar concentrator intended for cooling, space heating and process heat applications. Runner up: Renewable Fuel Technologies, converter of agricultural waste biomass into compound that can be used in cement.
  • Smart Power: Power Assure, developers of energy efficiency management software for data centers. Claims dramatic savings for virtualized or conventional web server farms and associated cooling of data centers. Runner up: Energy Empowered, a maker of home dislay and control systems to reduce standby power usage.
  • Transportation: ElectraDrive and its kit that aims to convert conventional gas vehicle fleets to all-electric. Aimed at cars and light truck fleets initially, with potential consumer applicability. Runner up: Goose Networks, developer of ‘commute management’ software.

Of course I am interested in the building related items and so am intrigued by Bottle Stone ( a countertop product made from 80% recycled glass.  It looks to be a great new entry into the market and I am always looking for different finishes to add interest to spaces.

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