Solar Power Update 11/15/2008

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Happy America Recycles Day!

There have been some good and some depressing announcements this week in the solar power arena.

Let’s start with the bad news first and get it out of the way. In an article on ( the fact that depsite an Obama victory at the polls all of the solar energy stocks have plummeted along with the market.

Excerpt: “With Obama as President-elect, solar stock prices must be sky high at the moment, right? Wrong. If you look at the values of most stocks around election day, they did increase. This peak was short lived however for most solar companies and it was followed by a huge decline.

The other bad news comes from a study done by Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California in San Diego and covered on (

Excerpt: “The problem lies with NF3, or nitrogen trifluoride. You couldn’t find that gas in the atmosphere much just a few years ago, but now its concentrations are rising by 11 percent a year. Worst yet, it’s 17,000 times more powerful a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide (and lasts five times longer).

Here is the link to the Scripps website for the release of the report:

Now on to the technology advances and other news.  First we have an announcement covered on ( SolFocus announces a solar concentrating product that increases overall efficiency to 25%! There previous product only achieved a high of 18%.

Next we have a story about a manufacturer, Oerlikon Solar who has improved their thin film solar technology so that the overall efficiency is increased by 16% over similar technology. The article is here on (

Excerpt: ” So, why is this important? Well, thin film cells are typically a lot cheaper to produce than more common silicon solar cells, but often suffer from significantly lower conversion efficiencies. Oerlikon’s breakthrough moves us a lot closer to the day when thin film becomes more cost-effective than silicon-based panels – which could mean a dramatic rise in the adoption of solar power in homes and businesses.

Now we have another story about those overachieving folks in Dubai.  They have plans to build the world’s largest solar panel manufacturing plant there.  Amazing what all that oil money can do, isn’t it? The article is originally in the Khaleej Times ( and commented on again at (

Excerpt: “Construction is to start in November, and is scheduled to be completed at the end of 2010. The roughly 93 000 square meter manufacturing plant, Solar Technologies FZE, will be able to produce solar panels of up to 5.7 square meters.”

Lastly I have information on a webinar on small scale photovoltaic systems through the Leonardo Energy site:

Excerpt: “This introductory webinar explains how a small-scale photovoltaic system works, what is the most suitable solution in your case and, if it makes sense, how to start planning and building your installation.

After a briefing presentation, a case study will be presented using the RETScreen analysis software.

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