Interesting Alternative Energy News for 11/17/2008

November 17, 2008 at 10:22 pm 3 comments

The theme tonight is simply alternative energy in the news.  We have five really different items that can only remotely be tied together under that somewhat generic banner.

First we have a story out of Cleveland where some researchers have developed a 1500 watt portable solar power plant.  The story is via ( and the product looks pretty promising.

Excerpt: “Researchers at the GreenField Solar Corp. have developed a breathtaking solar power generator that can provide 1500 watts of solar electricity. Unlike traditional flat solar panels, this generator uses a hi-tech solar concentrator that can enhance sunlight 900 times and focus it precisely on a solar chip stack measuring just 10 inches.

Next is news that I find very heartening in that the US Army has issued its first sustainability report.  That’s right the Army is going green!  Okay bad pun but seriously they are putting forth a plan that is overall pretty impressive.  The story link is via ( and the link to the acutal report is here: for those who might be interested.

Today we also reached a significant milestone in wind power, GE (General Electric shipped its 10,000th 1.5 megawatt wind turbine.  A good write up of the news  and an interview with Victor Abate, VP of Renewable Energy  for GE can be found on (

Excerpt: “General Electric hit a milestone today by shipping their 10,000th 1.5 MW turbine to the Ashtabula Wind Energy Center, a wind farm in North Dakota run by FPL Energy. It’s a pretty impressive figure, considering the fact that GE only entered this market six years ago.

The last two items have a definite water theme.  The first of these is a wonderful pictorial of newly designed sinks that will help us all save water while helping us look stylish.  This article can be found at (

Lastly we come to the most interesting news item.  An inventor in the UK has created a device that uses the action of waves to pump water with enough force to drive it 160 feet uphill where it can be allowed to flow back down and generate hydroelectric power. The article is on ( and gives me pause just to consider it.

Excerpt: “In trials, the device, called the Searaser, has pumped water more than 160ft above sea level, using little more than the natural motion of the waves. There are now plans for a much larger version, capable of pumping to a height of more than 650ft.

Inventor Alvin Smith reckons that each full-size device would be able to pump enough water to supply electricity to 470 homes. He also calculates that a fleet of 43,000 could generate enough power for a staggering 20 million households.

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  • 1. Willis  |  November 17, 2008 at 10:27 pm

    Nice compilation, was interesting to read.

  • 2. Les and Jane Oke  |  November 19, 2008 at 11:37 am

    Nice blog, really informative, We like the innovative Greenfield design.
    After living off the grid now for 15 years it is nice to see the rest of the industrial world catching on.
    For the most part we have built our own wind generators and solar panels to save money for ourselves.
    If any of your readers are interested they can reach us at our website

    All the best,
    Les and Jane

  • […] Interesting Alternative Energy News for 11/17/2008 By askthefm Excerpt: “Researchers at the GreenField Solar Corp. have developed a breathtaking solar power generator that can provide 1500 watts of solar electricity. Unlike traditional flat solar panels, this generator uses a hi-tech solar … […]


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