Solar Power Update for November 24, 2008

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Some very interesting  solar power news for this Monday morning.  It must be true that solar power has truly become the newest, very popular market segment when there are news stories about people stealing the panels for resale!

We begin with a story from the NY Times about this very thing. ( People are stealing the panels, in sometimes surprisingly large amounts an then reselling them on sites such as Ebay.

Excerpt: “Police departments in California — the biggest market for solar power, with more than 33,000 installations — are seeing a rash of such burglaries, though nobody compiles overall statistics.

Investigators do not believe the thieves are acting out of concern for their carbon footprints. Rather, authorities assume that many panels make their way to unwitting homeowners, sometimes via the Internet.

It seems we are in for a pretty wild ride on this update with the next story via about a solar power submarine! ( This is not a serious piece of military or research hardware as it is mainly designed as a tourist attraction by a Swiss company.

Excerpt:” Under the plan, called Project Goldfish, a team of engineers will build a submarine, capable of carrying 20-30 passengers and two crew, at a depth of up to 300 meters across Lake Thun. Since it operates underwater, the team have figured that it’s pointless attaching solar panels on the sub itself. Instead, the vessel will fully recharge at a floating solar platform on the surface of the lake, kitted out with 300m2 of solar collectors, capable of supplying up to 30kW of renewable energy.

Next we have the almost daily announcement of yet another gadget with a solar power tie in.  Eclipse has now made available for sale a carrying bag bag made from recycled materials that boasts the ability to charge your portable electronics.  The story via can be found here:

Our next item is more important in that the folks at LEED are about to cast in concrete the standard under which communities can get LEED rated.  The main complaint that I have and that the article on has is that alternative energy garners relatively few points in the scoring and this makes very little sense when talking about things on a neighborhood or community scale.  The article is here along with directions to contribute to the public comment period and hopefully make a change! (

About this next article I am unsure whether the Spanish town mentioned is on to something is is just a little bit out there.  You see they are rather space challenged and the only place they could find to place some solar panels was in the local cemetery over some of the graves.  This seems a little far fetched at first read as I am sure they haven’t exhausted all of the roof tops and similar surfaces in their town.  However the story can be found here:

Lastly today we have a solar powered design project.  I would be more enthusiastic if the device created things that were actually useful however for those of you who are into art for art’s sake here is the link:

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