Solar Power Update – December 21, 2008

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Even with the holiday and the lightened news load that creates there have been some interesting news items in the solar power arena

Certainly the most visually interesting are the sunglasses that provide solar generated power for your gadgets. The story on ( doesn’t think these are very practical an I agree, but they certainly look interesting and would be a great conversation party at the next beach party!

Excerpt: “Generating clean energy has never been as easy as it is with these Self-Energy Generating Glasses, or simply SIG glasses. Apart from protecting your eyes from the harmful radiations of the sun, the glasses are incorporated with dye sensitized solar cells that collect the sun’s energy and convert it into useful electricity. The stored electricity can be transferred to your much loved gadgets via a power jack at the back of the frame. Designed by Hyun-Joong Kim and Kwang-Seok Jeong, the glasses use a cheap and organic dye that promises clean energy at a small price.

Next in a similar vane is a story about windows that act as transparent solar panels. The story comes via ( .  I could certainly get behind this product due to its obvious utility.

Excerpt: “The photovoltaic windows generate 80 – 250 watts each, depending on the size. What is more impressive are the extra features the windows contain. Besides harnessing the sun’s energy, they reduce heat, which reduces cooling costs and they provide a 100 percent reduction in UV and infrared radiation. They can be customized to include bulletproofing or to meet specific weather or climate needs.

On the purely aesthetic side we have a story on a lighted art installation that generates its own power. This is apparently a true first and a pioneering effort. The story on ( tells us all about the San Jose Library and the artist.  There is also the same story on, same information but a different picture. (

Next we have a story on ( about what will be Aisa’s largest train station and it huge use of solar power.

Excerpt: “ The rapid growth of industrialization in China made it the world leader in electronic technology. Though this growth made it the fastest growing economy in the world, it came at the cost of the environment. The country is now planning to better its image by building Asia’s largest railway station that is powered by solar energy.

Lastly we have an entry for those who are already planning for their next Christmas list.  Energizer is coming out with a solar powered battery charger for those AA and AAA batteries we all have to buy this time of year! The story is here on Treehugger,com (

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