Solar Power Update for Dec. 29, 2008

December 28, 2008 at 5:24 pm 2 comments

It has been a pretty light week news wise on the solar power front however there are a few interesting stories to share with you.

On the manufacturer front it was announced that the Japanese giant, Panasonic is buying Sanyo to jump start its solar and battery businesses. The deal is worth a reported $9 billion and will allow Panasonic to focus a large amount of resources on the solar power market.  The story at ( has more details.

The other interesting story on the large side is about the first solar power installation to reach grid parity. The story on ( is a very interesting discussion of the whole subject just what grid parity means and what the definition should be. I am of the opinion that a standard definition should be put in place and I favor one using the cost of delivery on the electricity.

Excerpt: ” First of all, let’s think about what we just did by changing the definition of grid parity. Instead of asking how much it costs to build a power plant, we’re asking how much it costs to sell electricity. Since the cost of electricity includes the cost of fuel, using the cost of electricity rather than the cost of building plant as your index allows the advantages of solar (free fuel) to weigh in.

Lastly today from ( comes a story of a solar replacement for the AA and AAA batteries that every parent has to but lots of to power all of this new toys the kids got for Christmas or the holiday of your choice. It involves a flexible solar panel and battery that after it has charges is rolled up  and inserted in the appropriate battery sized space!  I am all in favor if they can be cost comparable at least over several uses.

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  • 2. Total Solar Energy  |  December 29, 2008 at 7:32 am

    yes, if panasonic and sanyo join forces they will be true heavyweight contenders. I know Sharp have stated they intend to grab 50% of the market share over the coming years. I’m sure this new partnership will have something to say about this.


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