Building Technology to the rescue?

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There are lots of products being out forward with an idea of saving the planet and saving money.  Once again I am not sure if some of them are especially a good idea, but then again they just might be!

Fist up is a shower system that allows you to have a full spa experience shower while saving up to 56% of the energy and water that would be used in taking a conventional shower.  The Indulgence by Pesnsar Development ( is still in the concept and development phases, but it does show what may be achieved.  It looks very interesting and I hope to see it on the market soon!

Next let’s talk about a technique called co-generation of power.  These is now a device being put forward for restaurants that uses the wast vegetable oil from the deep fryer to generate both power and hot water. The Owl Power Company has produced the Vegawatt (

Excerpt: ” Boylston, MA, January 5, 2009 – Owl Power Company, developer and manufacturer of clean energy cogeneration systems, has announced Vegawatt™, an innovative new cogeneration system for restaurants and food service facilities. Vegawatt™ uses waste vegetable oil from any food service operation as a fuel to generate on-site electricity and hot water, saving the restaurant thousands of dollars as well as providing a clean, renewable source of energy. Vegawatt™ is installed and has been running since early December at Finz Seafood & Grill.

This is certainly a product that has a fairly small niche should be a success as long as it remains affordable and has a good return on investment profile.

Next we have a very good article at ( )about tankless water heaters.  This is a well thought out review of existing products as well as a good general overview of the product type itself.

There are even a couple of items from CES, the electronics show in Las Vegas this past week.  The first is a solar powered, LED motion sensor activated out door light. The review is via (  The addition of LED bulbs makes for a brighter and longer lasting usage profile.

The other item is an improvement of a product I have previously mentioned, a power strip that limits the vampire power effect.  This new model senses when an item has reached full charge and then shuts the power off.  The review is once a gain via (

Lastly tonight we have word on a new standard for commercial refrigeration via the NRDC website: (

Excerpt: “The standard itself is not completely terrible and will save about a quad of energy in 30 years (quadrillion BTUs, and we use about 100 of those in a year), but the way DOE reached their conclusions makes you go hmm…

Like most government regulation it seems to me, to quote from a favorite movie “half improvise and half compromise”.

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