Wind Power Update for Jan. 14, 2009

January 14, 2009 at 10:42 pm Leave a comment

There have been a few very interesting developments on the wind power front over the last few days.

The most disturbing  is a study potentially taking the wind out fo the small turbine market sails so to speak.  We begin the story at Clean Technica (

Excerpt: “Before buying a small wind turbine for your roof, consider this: a recent British study claims that many home turbines generate only a fraction of what manufacturers promise, and some don’t even generate enough power to run their own electronics. The study, which was funded by the British Wind Energy Association, looked at turbines in four rural, 10 suburban, and 12 urban sites over the course of a year.”

I have considered several times about buying one of these but I have done considerable research that has shown me I would be wasting my money as the area I live in does not have enough sustained wind to make it pay.

The original story is here on Physorg ( and it provides a few more details as well as some hope.

Excerpt: “Reacting to the report Alex Murley of the British Wind Energy Association said. sited correctly, small and micro wind turbines have the capability to provide more than 10% of Britain’s electricity needs.

“Although this may be the first trial to look at micro-wind turbines within urban environments, low samples sizes, extremely poor sighting and patchy data renders the trial unrepresentative of the wider sector.

It appears that most of the small wind turbines in this study were “poorly sited”, meaning that the owners were sold a bill of goods by some unscrupulous installer.  Just what the green technology needs scam artists and incompetents that may burn enough folks to stall the market.  I hope that the folks in the study can sue the installers who promised them the moon.

In  a promising story about a good trend the courts are keeping small towns and cities in line when they try to regulate wind projects.  The story via Wind Power Law Blog (Http:// tells of how a town’s zoning law which would have required herculean efforts by any developer of a wind project was struck down for not following state laws concerning these processes.

Lastly tonight we have notice of funding from the Department of Energy for research into wind technologies. The story is on Sustainable Business ( for those of you interested.

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