Paint your Roof to fight global warming?

January 21, 2009 at 7:33 am Leave a comment

Scientists at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory suggest that painting your roof white could be a good part of helping to fight global warming.

This is all about reducing urban heat islands and it local and now supposedly global effects.  The article can be found here: (

Excerpt: “Most existing flat roofs reflect only 10 to 20 percent of sunlight. These roofs absorb much of the remaining solar radiation and heat up the buildings they cover. Buildings with air conditioners expend energy to cool down – energy that’s mostly generated from burning fossil fuels.

On a larger scale, cities heat up more than their rural surroundings because of their dark roofs, dark pavements, and the absence of vegetation – an urban “heat-island” effect that raises the average air temperature of cities and their suburbs.

Now this has been a requirement here in California under our Title 24 section of the building code for some time and to me makes good sense as it is a economic way to make any building more efficient.  I am just glad that the science continues to come in to support these requirements and helps us in the building construction and maintenance industry justify the costs for doing the right thing!

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