Software to help us go Green and Stay that Way!

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The big push make building more efficient, cut down on our carbon foot print and in all ways lead a greener lifestyle is sometimes pretty difficult to do.  After you have changed your light bulbs and cut back your irrigation systems as well as other low hanging fruit the next steps get harder without significant help.

Well several software companies have stepped in to help. Ranging from design from the good folks at AutoDesk, home of AutoCAD ( now to the giants Microsoft and Google who are helping us monitor our power usage in order to help us conserve.

A summary article on the two offerings can be found at ( with a more in depth article on Microsoft’s Dashboard is at Environmental Leader (  For an in depth look at Google’s product, Powermeter look to Inhabitat (

These products are in their relative infancy but I certainly expect them to grow, especially with the coming of the intelligent electricity meters and the smart grid initiatives that all all over the news lately. These programs will become much more useful when these are in place.

The other software solution attacks a different problem, that of the waste caused by all of the paper-based mail we all still receive.  enter Zumbox a web based service that is actually tied to your address.  It’s a pretty interesting concept that I am all in favor of.  The story is at Ecogeek (

Excerpt:  ” The big advantage that snail mail can claim is that it’s actually tied to where you physically are. E-mail addresses change, some people don’t have them, and it can be difficult for businesses to get email addresses from their customers. Thus, customers end up continuing to get physical letters…just so people can be sure you’re getting them.

Zumbox has fixed this problem by creating a virtual mail box for every physical address in America. So, if you have an address, you already have a Zumbox.

Zumbox hopes that you will soon be receiving notices in the mail along with your bills that say “this piece of mail was also delivered to your Zumbox.” If you go to your Zumbox and pick it up, you can select to have that company deliver mail only to your Zumbox.

I think I go sign up right now!

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