Building Materials and Technology Update for Feb. 26, 2009

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What we have tonight is some good green technology for your home or office and a word or warning.

Let’s get the bad news out of the way first and talk about the potential problem with Chinese drywall products. Apparently this stuff is giving off carbon disulphide, which is a compound that rots the copper in you HVAC and your plumbing.  You can only imagine the possible problems!  More of the story is here on ( and on the Wall Street Journal ( SB123171862994672097.html?mod=googlenews_wsj) and on News ( Based on these stories it seems that the problem is somewhat localized to southern Florida where during their building boom in 2006 drywall from China was imported due to shortages found in local supplies.

Now on to greener and happier stories.  Most interesting to me is another story on ( about a fairly high end, but very green kitchen cabinet alternative.

Excerpt: “They build their boxes out of Plyboo, the bamboo ply board that is a favorite of TreeHugger. For the parts that you don’t see, like the drawer bottoms and cabinet backs, they use a board made from heavy recycled cardboard. The shelves are a formaldehyde-free MDF and the finishes are all water based VOC free. Backsplashes are woven palm and countertops are quartz.

The company’s site can be found here:

Lastly tonight we have an updated version of technology that has been around a while, the attic fan.  The advantages to this piece of equipment being used in conjunction with conventional HVAC systems are obvious and wonderful.  However this approach has always had some disadvantages, namely noise and the leak the represent in your building envelope come winter.  Well now we have the Airscape fan that seems to improv on both of these issues. has a pretty good article on this product ( but I like the company web site more (  I think I will b checking with my local HVAC contractor before the summer season for sure!

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