Solar Power Update for March 4, 2009

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Lots of interesting solar news around the web today from acquisitions to the solar panel aesthtic.

First from the folks at comes a story predicting that Spain’s largest solar provider is set to take a similar position here in the US (

Excerpt: “One of Spain’s largest solar power companies is on track to achieve similar status in the US now that it’s agreed to a major purchase of solar energy facilities there.

Next we have a story on Earth First ( about how the next generation solar cells are going to operate in many ways similar to the leaves of a tree.

Excerpt: “Scientists looking for the next big breakthrough in solar technology got their inspiration from a natural source: the process of photosynthesis in plants. New photovoltaic devices that mimic the way plants turn sunlight into energy have been developed at the University of Southampton, by a team led by Professor Pavlos Lagoudakis of the University’s School of Physics and Astronomy. This new way of harnessing solar energy delivers unprecedented amounts of electrical current from light.

Now we go to the acquisition section. There are three stories that I will simply list in quick succession. We have one on eSolar via Earth2Tech on a $30 million dollar deal in India (, another on Sixtron, where they are acquiring other coating systems for use in solar manufacturing ( and lastly SunEdison again via Earth2Tech ( completes an additional $20 million in financing.

An interesting story, also on Earth2Tech is about an Oakland startup who’s plan is to make solar power more of a design element (

Excerpt: “How so? Instead of focusing on a new solar chemistry or production technology, the company hopes to differentiate itself with its aesthetics, appeal and ease of use, CEO Capra J’neva says. “We interact with real people to create our products, so we are reducing market risk by understanding the real needs of people who will buy [them],” she told us last week.

Lastly today we have a good story on a solar car (

Excerpt: “Can a car run on solar? Yes —as long as you don’t need to fit a whole lot in your trunk. And as long as you don’t mind that it doesn’t actually have a trunk. The new solar car from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Solar Electric Vehicle Team might be small on size, but it’s big on ambitions.

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