Green business and a Green Fast Food Resturant?

March 11, 2009 at 10:04 pm Leave a comment

It is pretty interesting when a major player in the fast food industry announces that it is building a location and going for LEED certification.

Yum Brands is doing just that according to a story on Environmental Leader ( I think this is wonderful on the face of it but I suspect a little greenwashing at the same time.

Excerpt: “The dual-branded KFC/Taco Bell store uses 30 percent less energy and water than a conventionally built restaurant. It also uses solar energy, LED lighting, energy-efficient kitchen equipment, a low-flow water system and harvests rainwater for irrigation.

The interior of the store has been designed with recycled building materials. In addition, the new restaurant will also compost, recycle waste and convert its waste oil into biofuel.

I wonder if the KFC/Taco Bell store is going to include a VegaWatt system?  What is VegaWatt you ask? It si a system for converting the used oil for the fryers in fuel to power or heat the restaurant.  Here is the story on Inhabitat (

Excerpt: “While there’s still some guilt to be had when indulging in a deep-fried take-out, if the restaurant is equipped with a VegaWatt oil converter you can claim you’re only doing it to help the environment. A VegaWatt machine turns used vegetable oil into clean heat and energy for restaurants, eliminating the dirty and costly mess of oil disposal while producing 10-25% of the electricity needed to run a small restaurant

It does talk about a small restaurant so maybe they will have two….

If you are really looking to patronize green businesses there are a couple of new ways.  The first is the new “green” Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval coming out in April in their print issue. There is a story on Environmental Leader ( and several other sites.

If you would like to use that technology sitting in your pocket then 3rd Whale Mobile is offering both an application for the iPhone and the mobile web that uses location based technology to point you toward green businesses. The story is via ( and the site is here:

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