New Building Standards Coming

June 7, 2009 at 9:05 am Leave a comment

I looks like we are fully into round two of the green building code wars with two new announcements recently.

In one corner we have the International Code Council (ICC) who announced on Earth Day that they will be developing a new green commercial building code ( I am somewhat in favor of this as this set of codes tend to be used as standards by a lot of local entities and this should help with standardization. On the other hand, ASHRAE has been trying to do this for a couple of years with no success, having to disband and reconstitute the committee over differences.

In the other corner the true heavyweight, LEED 3.0! In the story on ( there are apparently significant improvements in both the points system and the ease of use along with various online tools.

Excerpt: “ Launched in April 2009, the official name of the new system is LEED 2009 – it is one of the three major components that make up LEED Version 3, or LEED v3.0. The changes within LEED rating system reflects the rapid advancements in building science and technology and provides incentives for strategies that have greater positive impacts on energy efficiency and CO2 emissions reductions, among other priorities. The other components of LEED v3 include a faster, smarter and easier-to-use LEED Online (the tool for managing the LEED registration and certification process) and a new building certification model administered by the Green Building Certification Institute through a network of internationally recognized independent ISO-accredited certification bodies.

While I have not personally looked at the LEED 2009 process in great depth I have great hope that these improvements will lead to more certified buildings and a better product overall.

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