Better Light Bulbs Coming Soon!

September 20, 2009 at 5:59 pm 1 comment

It is very interesting to see the emphasis placed on the lowly light bulb in today’s green, new world. Everyone is after some sort of undefined holy grail and they are tying many different paths to reach it.

We of course have the ever present CFL bulb with it small but very hated mercury use and now we have a company that speaks of coming up with a replacement The ESL (Electron Stimulated Luminescence) bulb promises an energy efficient bulb without the mercury and at a lesser cost than the LED options. The story on Greenbang ( give a few more details.

Excerpt: “According to Vu1, the ESL technology will offer the full features of incandescent lights — high light quality and color, instant on, true dimmability and an attractive bulb design — without the mercury present in today’s energy-efficient option, CFLs.”

In the next corner we have a new LED bulb from Panasonic. The “EverLED bulb line will premier in Japan in October and if the 19 year life cycle is taken into account the yearly cost is around $2 a year. The article is on Inhabitat (

Lastly we have a different approach on the LED bulb, one that hope to make them more affordable. The story on Ecofriend ( is about the company Eternaled, get the pun? Anyway they claim to have developed a bulb that is 40% cheaper by not having an expensive metal heat sink and instead designing the enclosure to allow air to provide the cooling.  It look like a nice concept but I will be very careful where I install these.  In my home where most of my ceiling fixtures are in traditional can fixtures I have an overheating problem that shortens bulb life of the CFLs that I use.

I sincerely hope that all of these companies succeed and soon because lighting still takes up the lion share of electricity use and anything that cuts that back is welcome indeed!

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