Building Technology Update for Sept. 16, 2010

September 16, 2010 at 9:26 pm Leave a comment

Hello All!  It has been some time since I posted and I thought that you should all get a great big thank you for continuing to visit while real life kept me away from my blog.

Tonight I have four interesting technology updates for you.  The first and unfortunately farthest away is a supposedly radical  re-envisioning of building air conditioning that could save anywhere from 50-90% of current power consumption!  The full Story is here:  The article mentions 3 plus years before it could possibly become commercially available and I hope that they are being conservative as HVAC consumes far too much energy and this, if widely deployed would make a big dent in our fossil fuel use even at 50% savings.

Next, can you soda bottle become a wall? According to this article on ( not only is the answer yes, but it is supposedly super strong.


“They’re transparent and translucent. They interlock together to form a honeycomb structure that’s extremely durable. They can be used to build anything from buildings and fences to roofs and walls of light. So what are “they” referring to? They’re called POLLI-Bricks, and they’re a genius example of recycled bottle architecture.”

Third up tonight is pollution eating concrete!  I can just imagine a super hero monster coming to solve all of the world’s pollution problems.  Okay not so much, but what we do have is a product that manages to sequester common car exhaust pollutants through absorption.  The article is here on (


“Researchers in the Netherlands have recently tested a special type of concrete that has the potential to absorb nitrogen oxides, which are a much more potent greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. If implemented, this concrete could cut down on the the smog and acid rain caused by car exhaust.”

Lastly is an article I just couldn’t resist because I really am a true geek!  On How Stuff Works is a story about Transparent Aluminum Armor! (  I like to think it might be the latest thing in bullet proof glass for those of you that might need that sort of thing for your facilities…

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