Bedbugs Part 2 – Resources for Battle

November 20, 2010 at 10:02 pm 1 comment

Being what I am, responsible for low income multi-family housing, this subject has become very important of late.  Tonight I have a good selection of resources to dispel some myths and rumors around this pest.

First is a handout from the LA County Department of Health ( bedbugs_handout LA County Health) that is good primer on this annoyance.  Now after you read this you will realize that aside from the severe creep factor bedbugs aren’t going to cause the next plague.

The most common vector seems to be hotels and motels as this is the most highly reported cause for them to show up in your home.  There are of course web sites that can help you avoid these:

Bed Bug Registry –

Bed Bugs Los Angeles –

These are both for Los Angeles but I am sure that there are sections or similar ones in most major cities by this time.

There is all one product that says it can help prevent you from bringing these pests home from your travels. This is the Packtite portable treatment device (

Heat treatments are one proven way to get rid of most insect pests, including various grain beetles, roaches and termites so it is no surprise that it works for our new friend the bedbug.

If you are unfortunate to already have this problem please find a reputable local exterminator and don’t be pulled into some of the more shady proposals out there.  There are sites that will sell you “Do it yourself” kits that will most likely be a waste of your time and money. These pests are very hard to get rid of and experience is the key to success.

There is one unlikely solution that seems shady but isn’t.  There are trained dogs that can inspect your house to find where these bugs are hiding.  The sources I questioned support the claim of 90% accuracy of detection.  This process allows a much more targeted approach which save time and money.

So for tonight it really is “Sleep tight and don’t let the bedbugs bite”!

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  • 1. paul hibbert  |  November 29, 2010 at 10:40 pm

     omg, this is a horrible problem, the bed bugs are taking over!  I just dealt with those little pests.  I needed to find a non-toxic and safe solution.  I lucked out and found these guys, they completely eradicated those nasty critters.  They were also very professional.


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