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IFMA announces new floor space measurement standard!

With the approval of this new standard by the America Society of Testing and Materials ( of the new International Facility Manager’s Association, IFMA ( there is now a common standard on how to measure leaseable floor space in a building.  No longer will there be 2 competing standards from IFMA and BOMA (Building Owners and Manager’s Association

Excerpt from IFMA’s press release (

The International Facility Management Association now has a new floor area measurement standard. The American Society for Testing and Materials recently approved and published “E1836-08: Building Floor Area Measurements for Facility Management,” a standard that provides a definitive procedure for facility managers to use when measuring and classifying floor area in buildings.

The standard provides a simple, step-by-step procedure to measure floor area that makes it easier and faster to determine how much floor area is available for space planning. It includes measurement rules for floor areas in text form and an easy-to-read matrix. ASTM-E1836-08 should be used in tandem with “E2619-08: Measuring and Calculating Building Loss Features that Take up Floor Area in Buildings,” which allows users to determine the amount of floor area that is rendered unusable for occupants or core business functions by specific physical elements of the building.

Essential for allocating and charging back space, IFMA’s new standard can be applied to space planning, strategic facility planning and specifying occupant requirements. It enables owner-occupiers and tenants to perform space planning activities and charge back business units for the amount of space they occupy.

This new standard provides a common measurement to allow collaboration between The Building Owners and Managers Association International and IFMA standards, eliminating the overlap of terms between the two organizations.

“This standard is positioned well for the future. It is the first time two standards have been put in alignment,” said Lynne Blair, president of LY Blair & Associates and chair of the IFMA Standards Committee. “Using this standard, we can share data more easily than ever before. The new standard allows for the reduction of costs by facility managers and building owners and helps transfer data between departments in an organization, which had previously been a stumbling block.”

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Book Review – Property Management in California by Joseph DeCarlo, CPM

Having managed property for over 20 years I have often had questions and concerns over the particular practice we may have been following was the right, accepted and proper thing to do. Also I have had to train a few resident managers and I was looking for a resource to help me with all of these related tasks.

As it turned out one of the property management firms I supervise for my firm is headed by a the author of this text book and also is a professor of real estate at one of the local community colleges. I was skeptical at first but I have since found this text to be very approachable, factual and very well organized. It gives a very good overview of the topic in general and covers the specifics where important such as in the area of agency and fiduciary responsibility.

I recommend this text book as a good starting reference in this field. I have only been able to locate the previous edition online at Amazon:

However the contact information on the flyleaf is:

JD Seminars & Publications

P,O, Box 1230

Costa Mesa, CA 92626 (714) 751-2787

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